10+ Largest Brands In The World.

published by: mooremia
date of publishment 12:30am 21/04/2020

We all love to carry a brand. Once the brand creates all the hype and gains popularity we go crazy after it. The most surprising fact is that we do not realize the importance of the company which is producing that brand. In fact, we just remember the brand name and would not even bother to know the company's name.

In most the companies the brand name is built so strong that they are unable to create hype for their company name. If we ask you about the products Unilever or Proctor and Gamble are producing you might get confused. But if we ask you about the products offered by them then we are definitely sure you know them all and you might be using them too.

Are you all curious to know about the 10 largest global brands? Well, we will discuss the incredible largest brands in the world in this article in detail.

The 10 Incredible Global Brands.

Apple Inc.

We all go crazy after knowing any new product innovation by Apple. We are ready to save to but the extravagant and the most expensive gadgets before the product is even launched. Why is that so? Well, this is because the brand equity the company ensured to provide and retained it till now. Apple Inc. was established in 1976 by the highly popular Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. This tech giant company can build a brand value of about $234.2 million.


For us, it's like we cannot imagine our life without Google. The dependency on this brand has been so strong that we don't even want to make an effort to search for anything. Google has been successfully able to serve itself has a highly used and trusted search engine with its market worth of about $167.7 billion.


It was pretty hard to trust any of the only services before due to trust and authenticity issues. Surprisingly, Amazon was successful enough to eliminate all the issues and offer worldwide products on one platform. The brand value of Amazon is about $125 million.


The hype of Microsoft is legit true. The company has successfully catered as the world's leading brand by ensuring relevance and convenience. With a brand value of about $108.8 million, Microsoft has created a strong worth globally.

Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola has been staying on top of mind since its birth. The engaging campaigns and marketing techniques have been the major reason for becoming the 5th largest global brand. After all, the brand value of it is $64.3 million.


Surprisingly Samsung has boosted its worth and is now the 6th leading brand in the world. The ongoing product innovation has captured a brand value of about $61 million.

Mercedes Benz

The gorgeous and stunning automobile brand has always been a dream brand for its customers. It is even quite understandable the brand value Mercedes Benz has created i.e. of about $50.8 million.


McDonald's has been an all-time favorite for its customers. The brand has been able to satisfy the cravings and taste buds of the customers to the next level. Therefore, having $44.5 million of brand worth is definitely understandable.


The incredible invention of the Japanese automobile industry has won the hearts of the target audience. The reliable, strong and stunning cars of Toyota make it the 9th largest brand. The brand worth of this company is estimated to be $56.2 million.


Can you imagine any day without using Facebook? This must be impossible and pretty hard for you to do so. The invention of Mark Zuckerberg has developed a habit-forming product for its users. The brand value of Facebook makes it one of the leading global brands.

These are 10 of the best brands with the highest brand worth in the world. With their high brand value, the brands mentioned above are responsible for shaping up the global society.