10+ Of The Most Valued House On The LA Market.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 8:15am 06/04/2020

Today we're going to have a look at 10+ Of the most valued house on the LA housing market, so of which are a master of architecture and flow, Oh by the way there are a few of which i wouldn't mind living in myself so follow along and come with us as we join Architectural Digest of youtube and show you some of the riches house's out.

1. 822 Sarbourne Rd, Belair, LA, California @ $88million

This property was recently finish in 2018 by Artie Targaryen, It has 9 Bathrooms, 15 bedrooms and is layout over 2,200 square feet and is a price of $88,000,000.

Three Of The Features Of This House, Watch The Rest At The Video Below

Car Elevator: the house comes with a 6 car, car elevator because you never know at the drop of a hat what car you may want to drive.

Front Garden: at the front entrance of the house in a gardern that works along side big sliding door which open up the house to the garden.

Entrance: the entry had a hugh pivit glass structured door which swings. the ouse comes with Facial recognition and finger recognition which allows one to enter the house to the massive living room.

Watch the video below to findout more in regards to the rest of what's going on in this dope house, stick with us as we goe through the rest of the other nine houses, Watch the video below to find out more about this house.

2. Resident's 950 Lombard Street Estate, San Francisco valued @ $40million

Resident's 950 Lombard Street Estate is locate in San Francisco and is a hill top estate, it's located adjacent to one of the most famous street's in film history Lombard Street.

This estate is over a full city block is size and spans nearly a third of an acre which is nearly siz standard blocks in total land area. In San Francisco that kind of space is difficult to come by.

This estate is comprised with 9500 square feet of main house area and has 5 bedrooms, 6 and half bathrooms and a one bedroom and bathroom dewling cootage. Also with a Sauna, Steam Room, Massage area and Spa.

The Estate is connected by lavious gradens, looking at a 270 degree view of the City Of San Fransico and the bay, Whta makes this property unique is it's beautiful stylish features from a batcave entrances to a sheek garage, to a four sided infinity edge pool and if that wasn't enough this also an outdoor theater.

The house also has an Art Gallery and A 1000 bottle wine cellar to top it off, that's why this home is certified platnium for the highest levels of sustainability and design, this all from Architectural Digest Reporter. Watch his present the Home in the Video Below.


3. 9601 Oak Pass Road, Beverly Hills, California priced @ $32million

An architectural Master peice 9601 Oak Pass Road, Beverly Hills, California priced at a marvious $32million due to it being design by Nole Walker in 2015 this beautiful home has 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and comes in at 10,000 feet of area in main and guest homes.

Its tucked away on four achres hidden away in the hills of California, the property has 130 Oak Trees and walking trails and brings a new meaning to indoor outdoor living.

The Price is $32,000,000.00 on prime real estate in the Beverly Hills Watch the Video Below to have a walk through the home the house is a spectacular architectural marster peice too and is truely something.

4. 120 Montecito Ranch Lane, Montecito, California priced @ $55million

120 Montecito Ranch Lane, Montecito, California has a long list of interesting and high end necessities including 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, as well as a movie theater, a 5000 bottle wine cellar with it's own tasting room, as well as a world class salon and spa, to top its off it has a sports bar, night club, horse trails, duck ponds, a helicopter hanger, horse stables, an infinity edge pool, plus beautiful coastal views from almost every directions and room and lastly a regulation size polo field and club.

120 Montecito Ranch Lane has 43,000 square foot estate, its all on the market at the moment for $55 Million Dollars.

5. 610 Los Trancos Road, Portola Valley, San Francisco priced @ $54million

610 Los Trancos Road is rare custom estate overlooking the San Francisco Bay, it has a pretty 22,000 square foot mansion with 5 bedrooms, 7 and half bathrooms and a Guest House.

DeePee Chattha from Rex Homes and Samira Amid-Hozour from Compass Real Estate go on to say "it offers a poker room, a full gym, a pool and hot tub, indoor sports park with locker room, a wine cellar, a billards room, a home theater, a 110 yard practices gold course with 2 putting rings, 7300 square foot indoor ice ring", "And Architectural marval the house is on the market for a total of $53,888,000.00".

6. 1369 Londonderry Place, Hollywood Hills, California Valued @ $35million

Estate agents Branden & Rayni Williams from williams & williams Estate Group take you throught this home and show us its cool features. this house is a short distance from holywood strip and is made up with 14,000 feet and bosts 6 bedrooms, 10 baths, a yoga room with living plant walls, a wellness spa equiped with a cryo chamber and sensory deprivation tanks, a movie theater, bar and entertaiment lounge, a wine cellar and double decker glass pool.

The house is smart controlled and looks over all of Los Angeles, see all the night lights of the city. according to the agrend "this is a space age entertainers compounds" and is valued at $35,000,000.00

7. 277 St Pierre Road, Belair Valued @ $50million

So welcome to 277 St Pierre Road, Belair a stunning mansion might i add covering over 36,000 feet in area, it has 8 bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms, it has all the standards such as a movie theater, a swimming pool, its also has a 700 bottle wine wall linked to a lounge and a gym. but the masion has something a little extra which is a bowling alley and a beautiful indoor greek style pool.

8. 5212 East Redrock Drive, Arizona Valued @ $6million

Joan Levinson from Paradise Valley Luzury Real Estate Expert Realty One Group Greets the viewer at the main entrance to this contempory to bost about the lavious features of this property. shes explains that the house is located on Camel Back Mountian, which sits on phiniox scott's dale in paradise valley.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, apparently according to the realter it has a magnificent master bedrooms with a lovely designed bathrooms which looks over the natrual rocky edge of the mountian, it also comes with an infinity edge pool and has all glass electroic doors and plenty more and all this is on the market for $5,995,000.00

9. 9255 Swallow Drive, Hollywood, California Valued @ $23million

Located in the Hollywood Hills the realter welcomes the viewer to see the beautiful location in the famous bird streets of the hollywood hills Los Anagles, Califorina. this property offers 13,000 feet of beautiful organic construction the realter said.

It has 7 bedrooms, 12 baths on a 17,000 square foot lot overlooking paneramic views of the Los Angales Sky line. beyond that the realter goes on the say that the estate has a shark tank! and has a light wall in the entertainment rooms and all this for $22,900,000.00

10. 941 North Venetian, Venetian Islands, Miami Beach Party House Valued @ $18.5 Millions

Dina Goldentayer from Real Estate Agent Douglas Elliman Greets Views at the entrance of the home to show you what the interesting features of this property has, she continues to say that the home is 92,000 square feet of land, bosts 5 bedrooms and 8 baths. the out door areas are absoultly georgous with brilliant architectural features overlaying the natrual minimal design of the home.

It has a 22 foot live green wall, a hugh 19 foot grand entry font door and 2 pools. Dina Goldentayer goes on to finish with her introduction that the house's value is $18,500,000.00

Continue by watching the vedio below to gain more insight into this property or choose to watch on of the other videos about one of the other properties that where featured in this article.