10+ Technologies That Are Taking Over The World By Storm.

published by: mooremia
date of publishment 4:55pm 22/04/2020

With the ever-changing and evolving technological industry of the world, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the devices that it has to offer. Keep up to see which technologies are taking over the world as of now!

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

AI has become a part of almost everyone’s lives. With Siri and Alexa as the most commonly used AI devices, there’s only some time left till everything you know is run through this. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

You must have heard of smart homes or you’re probably living in one. They’re just one of the many examples that IoT is a major part of our world now. You can easily connect all of your smart devices to the internet and create a network through which you can control them from anywhere.


Blockchain has been a breakthrough in technology. With cryptocurrency as one of the greatest discoveries, you will find people highly invested in them. Bitcoin and Ethereum are only two of the major ones that have a high ranking. 

5G- the new era of internet

5G is the emerging internet that has received attention from all spheres of the world. It’s already begun changing how businesses work and there’s no stopping the many changes it is going to bring with itself. 


From your phones to locks on your homes, biometrics has taken over the world. They’re the much more improved version of locks and act as a great safety measure to protect your valuables. 

Virtual and Augmented reality

VR and AR are used by different sectors for different reasons. You can find the use of them in your day-to-day lives in the form of video games that offer a virtual or augmented reality. 

Androids, Virtual Humans & Robots 

There has been a great development of virtual humans and robots over the years. The use of virtual humans and robots is now being implemented on different platforms. Their use is magnifying across different sectors as they’re considered to work more efficiently than humans. 

Cognitive cloud computing

Cognitive cloud computing is being used across the world to mimic the functionality of the human brain. The use of this has been implemented by large organizations such as IBM and SAP. 

Edge computing hardware

There is an ever-growing demand for higher processing computer hardware from organizations as there is a great need to infer more data and make decisions instantly. These are massively used by different enterprises are service providers across the world. 

3D printing

3D printing is playing a major part in the world today. The technology is constantly being used in various fields such as dentistry, fashion, aerospace, and automation. It has proven to be of great use across different sectors and is considered to be of much more use in the future. 

All of these technologies are being used across the world and there’s a 100% chance that they will continue to develop further. These technologies are seen being used by people in their everyday lives and have replaced a lot of older technologies!