10+ Years On A Self Sufficient Sailboat.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 11:35pm 25/04/2020

In todays article we'll be going on a journey with Karen and Brian Dropmen and their family on their adventure across the seven seas, they've lived self sufficent for 10+ years now and live with suprisingly the standard creature conforts like internet.

They've travel together in these 10+ years over 83,000 knortical miles, which is equivalent to sailing around the earth at the equator three times over, traveling and average of 8,300 mile per year.

What karen and brian like about sailing around the world is that they can cruise from month just living self sufficient and living around each other, they make their own power via solar arrays and wind, they desalinate their own water onboard and they store plenty of food.

Brian said they they like "thats they can have a very low impact on the enviroment, they can move the boat around with the power of the wind and weather and it's incredibly sustainable and furfilling way to travel and live".

Brian and Karen have been sailing know for 10+ year following a seasonal pattern and coming into port every 1-3months or so resently they've been gifted with a child and have been living as a family for the last 6 months aboard their boat Delos.

These guys have it made for a small life at sea, things seem rather simple with everything is running nicely out at sea but any way if you'd like to know more about karen and brian watch the video below and we hope you read more of our content.