Beautiful Photography Of Mountian Bluebirds, Perfect Shots.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 7:10am 15/04/2020

The Bluebird is a beloved bird all around the world with the color blue being something quite vibrant as it erupts in nature, as blue is near at the far end of the the light spectrum, it projects a bold, dark and hypnotic look to it.

The a many species of the bluebird as said and today because of diply we'll be looking at the Mountian Blue bird in it glory and examine how they're going on those cool peaks of them snowy mountians.

This little critter is nicely purched atop of this small branch confortably looking about for his next big move, "it's amazing how the white snow brings out the blue in this guy as it looks like those big butterflies in the blue color but matted due to his fluffyness.

The snow is great in that photo, as i said it really brings out that color and the focus too in the capturing of the picture it's self, on to the next photo of these particularly stunning creatures.

This next photo is a North American BlueBird picture obvously taken in North America, it must be something in their behaviour to purch atop branches like that, must be for good vantage. This guy's pretty much doing that same thing that last guys was but it's a marvelous close up of the bluebird.

The North Amreican Bluebird can be found in the Western United States and Canada and during sping especially as its their breeding season which brings then from a rare status to a common status in observation during these times.

For the last 100 years or so but mainly in the late 20th century the Bluebirds population has been on the decline but recent years it has bounced back abit.

The bluebird nest in cavities and does very little in build it's own nest it genuinely relies on the nature around their envioroment to have the necessicary protection needed to house the birds while breeding and due to deforestation and agricultural practices its limited the amount of nesting spots

The Mountian Blue Bird is sais to be an aggressive bird for it's nature, this makes sense as brightly colored insects, reptiles and animals generally means danger.

Okay on to our last photo, thanks again diply for the beautiful article on these little guys its been fun looking into them abit. It's been great appreciating the photography too and lastly before getting on to the last photo Amy Pilkington from diply said "If you live in a place that falls into their breeding territory, building your own nesting boxes in your yard may mean that you can enjoy the sight all season long.".

This has been great looking at these photos and there is a brittant story about the White-Browed Tit-Warbler which is an adorable little rainbowed bird the size of haren, i may write a story from this too as these guys look as cute as the Mountin bluebirds.