Horrowing Photos Of The Corona-Virus Pandemic.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 7:10am 16/04/2020

The first photos is parramedic partricia rodrigues as she sits in her car and fills out reports from the last 12 hour shift on her laptop, She's from New York and the photo was taken on the 6th of April at the Empress EMS paramedics as she clear seen in her personal protective equipment and transports patients to hospital throughout Westchester County and parts of New York City.

medical professionals work tirelessly on ensuring that the frontline of this pandemic is under control despite the risk of self infection and the tireless hours of work, over 5,400 health care works are infected with coronavirus due to contraction via work.

In the United State, the epicenter fo the cirsis health workers are already pushed to their limits with health workers are being isolated from family and loved ones, suppliers and PPE in the industry are in shore supply which adds danger to the whole situation.

John Moore a Photographer from Getty has been a correspondent towards the ongoing health crisis and had been following along since March 2020, when he emurged in a cluster of COVID-19 cases in the epicenter of the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington but the epicenter has changed to New York with 17,000+ deaths.

In this article John Moore share his experiance with buzzfeed about these powerful pictures and desusses whats it's like to cover the front line of the pandemic.

Here are some Parmedics wearing personal pretective equipment, caring for a seriously ill patient with COVID-19. The 92 year old man was aided in his home from the parmedics on April the 6th in Yonkers, New York, the man was bearly beathing upon arrival and dur to this performed imediate treatment to prepair the man for transport to St John's Riverside Hospital.

The next picture is of Janet Gazo aged 86 being transported by medics to Stamford Hospital located in Stamford, Connecticut, dated on April the 3rd. Janet seriously ill is still remains hospitalized as she tested positive to the virus COVID-19 or also known as covidvirus.

Located ing New York Medics here with Stamford EMS transport are transfering a patient to Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut on the date of April the 2nd located near New York City. Tis area has 1000's of confirmed cases of coronavirus, Stamford EMS calls are now solely for coronavirus patients.

buzzfeed.news asked Jogn Moorse in an interview "Can you speak on how your coverage of the current health crisis started?"

"I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years covering conflicts, social issues, immigration, and the Ebola epidemic of 2014 in West Africa. I was recently in Australia covering the effect of the bushfires on wildlife in early February and at that point could not have imagined that I’d be covering the story that I’m covering now".

proceeding to go on to saying "I had been back in the US for about a month when I was sent to Seattle to cover the early part of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Northwest. I could see in some ways a harbinger in Seattle for things to come for the rest of the United States. Downtown was emptied, the nearby Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, had dozens of deaths of seniors, and many medical personnel and first responders were being infected. That situation would be repeated not only in New York City, but in many parts of the United States".

here is the next photo from John Moore, i hope you're enjoying this article at the moment and that the content is interesting and insightful giving you a vast array of information and detail.

Here is Alex Schwen as she removes her contaminated personal protective equipment after working with a patient that tested positive for COVID-19, a whole lot of thanks for the health workers in the COVID-19 crisis working long hours and hard times for our safety and protection.

John went on to saying "The situation has evolved in that it’s become nationwide. When I first began covering the pandemic in the US, it was more local and regional. I think we all know that by the time it was obvious that Seattle had a problem, it had already spread to other parts of the US but had not yet been reported due to the time it takes for the virus to incubate", i quote from buzzfeed.news

And before answering the next question he said "I’ve seen this grow and become a national phenomenon. When the epidemic started to spread in the New York City area, I came back and began concentrating my work on the suburbs. While the main epicenter is in the city, the suburbs are highly affected as well. So that’s where I concentrated my energy".

What are the precautions you take when working around potentially dangerous environments?

Answering with "I first learned how to use personal protective equipment while covering the Ebola outbreak while in Liberia — of course, the viruses are very different. Ebola has a much higher mortality rate but is more difficult to contract. COVID-19 spreads easily but does not kill the majority of people it infects, so the protocols are different".

Dispatchers at Empress EMS dispatch the n=man named Adrian Monroe and the women Brigette Foxler are tracking active calls in Yonkers, New York on the 6th of April.

EMT paramedic Dan Wellen waiting for patients with possible COVID-19 symptoms before taking patients by ambulance to Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut on April the 3rd.

A 10 month old boy is being treated by Paramedic Randy Lilly as the boy shows symptoms with a fever as the ride in the back of an ambulance to Stamford Hospital, Connecticut on the 4th of April, A fever is a common syptoms of the Corona-Virus and although COVID-19 isnt as bad for the younger its was still unknown if he'd have the virus.

here are the last of the photos from John Moore thanks for reading and for more information read the full article at buzzfeed.news.

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