5+ Movies That Hit Box Office Records.

published by: Mark Lincoln
date of publishment 12:30am 19/04/2020

The 3 most watched movies at the box office of all time have a connection of something in common being they all have a time travel aspect. Endgame starts with civilization being beaten and the way to be the victors is to do some time travel trips in order to modify the present and ultimate future.

Avatar directed by Terminator director James Cameron occurs in the future where the Natives to the planet are in the process of being colonised based on the resource of the planet being a valuable mining resource however the aboriginal/ native population are directly above the highest concentration for 100km in any direction.

Titanic, the movie where the audience goes in already knowing the outcome of the 31st May 1911 nautical tragedy was closely based on, is known just as much for the movie that made Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet famous. The time travel element is the beginning of the film showing the wreckage, then a computer generated simulation of the berg hitting the side, morse code hitting and ripping holes which sunk the Titanic to its eventual resting place at the bottom of the ocean. Rose as an old lady says after seeing the computer simulation says something like would you like to know what really happens and then old Rose becomes 17 year old Rose in the movie……………

Star Wars Seven number 4 in highest grossing films is definitely a favourite in the latest films to come out in last 5 years. Disney owns the merchandising and film franchise for Marvel, Marvel Endgame number 1, Avatar Disney owned and bought Star Wars Merch and film franchise also. Film 5 Avengers Infinity War and 8 The Avengers also come from the Disney stable. The thing with Disney is he’s Sagitarius born like me also on 5th December my Birthday or if he were around still he’d say I was born on his Birthday.

Jurassic World, the sequel to Jurassic Park, Lion King remake to Disney Lion King and Disney Frozen II sequel to Disney Frozen. In Melbourne which is where I reside we have a Stadium in Docklands that constantly changes naming rights like Colonial Stadium, Telstra Dome in the beginning and the second last name was Etihad the airline from the Middle East