On A Island In Japan Lives These Mini, Little Species Of Squirrel.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 6:30am 30/04/2020

People are susceptible to the power of cute animals and little critters but the thing that make little critters and animals even more interesting is the fact that they can only be found on small remote islands around japan, The Northern Island of Hokkaio is home to the most adorable little squirrels.

These tiny little guys are squirrels with big glommy eyes, they can fly too i forgot to say and they're a little fluff balls, i would love one of these guy's as a pet it would be so kool.

So here are a bunch of photos of these little squirrels, the photographer has done a really good job on capturing these little tiny guys and some of the photos a to die for i personally like the photo with the little squirrel is popping his head out the trunk of the tree, my personal favorite by far.

They almost don't look real they almost look cartoon like in apperance as they are bright white and grey with their giant black eyes and there mouse like face is absolutely cute, there tiny arms and leg just top these little guy's as my favorite creatures so far but i guess by next week i'll find something else haha.

So the squirrel is called a Momonga Squirrel native to only japanese island of Hokkaido, i found a video on youtube of these tiny guy's scampering about in the snow and if you take note of the images you can see that the photographer that filmed also took the images that we posted.

I know out last article spoke about pokemon and how they look like animals well where an ispiration of animals but these little guys could pass as pokemon.

We've got afew photos here lots of peeking about and sampering, i just can't get over how cute these guys really are.

So pretty much the rest of the article is just photos of these little guy trying to figure out what to write haha but what do you thing about these little squirrels would you want one as a pet.

How cute is it in the video of these tiny Momonga Squirrels are absoultely adorable when they're nibbling on little nuts and berries, it's too cute.

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