People Flock As Chinese Cities End Their Coronavirus Quarantine Rules.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 9:30am 09/04/2020

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This week China has announced that it has lifted its quarantine restrictions across the country and into the cities of china as it attempts to bring back normal life to it's regions as the corona virus recently ravaged in the effected eppicenter of the virus.

Even though the virus is still speading across the world and flairing up in some locations such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, China still took the hesty risk of lifting it's restrictions on its people, as doing this the people of china flocked to the public places and parks and people begun to normailise their lives again.

Although Chinese Cities have take to move of allowing it's citizens to use the public again tis still strongly recommends that people social distance and respect the space of others but as picture show this was not the situation as people flock for the major Qingming Festival Event and Tomb Sweeping Day.

These events pay their respect tos the deceased and people moron the losing of their loved ones, these two festivals ended up being seriously overcrouded and people literally ignored warmings from the Chinese Governement.

These photo's below are picture of medical rescue team from Fujian China which where welcomed home, tourists packed into West Lake Park in Hangzhou, China, People wearing face masks queue to board a bus, People gather in a shopping area in Beijing, People play on a basketball court in Shanghai, people enjoying the spring weather in Beijing and much more

lots of photos that do look amazing i have abit of thing for photography.

doesn't it amaze you how some people can be so oblivious in such a time of concerna as coronavirus is still making its way around the community and world.

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but i must be good for them to get out and about and doing stuff again but it will be insteresting to know if coronavirus keeps down in the area and that people don't get that public germs stigma as they make their ways through their day to day lives again.

What do you thing? do you think that china is going to easy with relaxing their lockdown laws towards the pandemic of do you think it's fine to do this as the virus has managed to easy its spreading rate in the area, i think they should have left it for afew more weeks.

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