Underboob And Bums, Banned From Twitch.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 6:25pm 14/04/2020

Popular online streaming site for gamers, Twitch has introduced new guidelines regarding how much skin can be shown in a stream, rulling out that bums and boobs during streaming will violate twitch's new nudity rules.

People would think that by saying boobs it out rules but this is not the case cleavage is still very much something that is allowed but underboob and nipples or showing your genitals is a violation.

Twitch had previously got criticism for their methods to handling the way they banned people as their guidelines where very vague and they could ban people over anything. but this is a new approch towards those that wear skimpy attrie.

In a Blog post recently Twitch said “Historically, to address the variety of situations and content on Twitch, our policy on Nudity and Attire focused on context", “We’ve heard from our community, however, that our policy isn’t clear enough about what is and is not allowed on stream, and in particular that more detail is needed for streams like body art or outdoor streams".

With over 15 million daily users streaming on the platform, Twitch, is one of the biggest site on the internet so it's interesting that they're taking a stance on public nudity and dress code.