What Is The Best Time To Start A Business.

published by: Mark Lincoln
date of publishment 9:45am 20/04/2020

What would you do if you had to start again?

Not being funny but many people are going to be starting again whether they’re directly effected by the covid-19 pandemic or indirectly effected. Billions of people are effected with lockdowns and losing their jobs, business, governments spending trillions and even people dying unfortunately.

As I’ve never met you this advice is not legal or financial advice but more practical in nature. A great place to start is back to basics. What did you do when you first started in the industry you’re in or is this time to look farther into a different niche within the same industry or another industry altogether.

My background is Real Estate and prior to starting professionally in the Industry in 2000 I started immediately prior to this purchasing houses in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne as Investments and prior to that my Mum and Dad were also investors themselves in Stonnington, Cremorne Richmond, South Yarra and Malvern.

The idea of being counter cyclical to market conditions is not new and many people that were effected in 2008/2009 by the last GFC, Global Financial Crisis maintain that the downturn, the trauma, tears and suffering spring boarded them to the success surrounding them today.

You see when things are falling off the side of a cliff, not looking good and everyone is going under there are always some people rising to the top. Then when things are prospering and going well from a majority perspective there are those that are losing out and going under, true?

There’s a movie and book sensation that came out in 2006 from Melbourne called “The Secret”, which in my mind was quite positive. The author Rhonda Byrne was going through the worst time of her life personally and economically and due to this she changed her perception and started looking for answers that led to meeting like minded people coaches mentors all seemingly doing the same.

After finding roughly what you want to do get in the corridor meaning do anything inside that industry/niche with the goal to learning and gathering wisdom. Don’t dwell on where you are at the moment because its probably the middle not the start and not the end. You see, Kill Bill the Tarantino movie is not good for the main character in the beginning or in the middle, same as Han Solo in Star Wars 7 which is getting skewered by his son Kylo Ren at the end not good, and getting chased by debt collection and owing money at the start of SW 7.

Lastly have power thinking as in when u look at something and say everyone’s going to die that’s pessimistic, or everyone’s going to live and prosper to the point of having too much is optimistic so power actually takes into consideration all possibilities knowable at the time. Take the shots you can take and kick goals rather than procrastinating/waiting.