Crocheted Toilet Paper Roll, As Shortage Hits Our Shelves.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 14:20pm 30/03/2020

Currently across the world people have been in a panic to buy toilet paper as shelves have been cleared bear. this is due to the COVID-19 self isolation requirement that has been issues by most developing nations around the world.

As they stock up the shelves again from peoples hoarding of toilet paper, someone thought it would be creative to crochet a toilet paper role as a bit of a joke. going viral the roll of toilet paper has been seem by millions now and keeps racking up views online as the COVID-19 virus is speading.

As its name the "Pandemic Prepareness Scarf" the redditor katiewll made the toilet paper roll as a nice extra peice to spend her time on as the virus is speading around the world.