Quail On The Price Rise.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 7:40am 30/03/2020

On ABC news this weekend i watched "dateline" and in the episode that spoke about the potecials for quail farming in australia and how people in the modern ear will look at quial as a more sort after produce, just as much and like chicken, at $16 per kilogram it's making its way to the plate alot easily.

Being a delicacy, the meat, it's self can fetch as much as $40 per serving at a restaurant. even maybe $45 to $50 at some places and the farmer is making $16 per kilo gram in Australia's East Coast.

The bird it's self is building a brilliant reputation in australia as most are looking to find that next meat that that diversifies ones dinner on the week day night as chicken, lamb, pork and beef are considered a standard in most peoples dinner menu during the weeknights. quail its self is just as easy to cook as chicken and brings a wholer feeling to when served at the dinner tables as one quail can take up half the plate.

the bird its self has a rich history with the english being avid hunters of quail and that its been known that even the royal family hunts the little bit sized bird, i strongly recommend that one tried this lovely tasting little bird and give it a shot at trying to cook it. i myself am going to add this one to the dinner plate this year. Thank You for reading stick around for more regarding farming and cooking in Australia.