5+ Australian Youtubers That Are Smashing The Subscribers.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 4:30pm 13/05/2020

We've had afew articles about youtubers and how to make money online, so today i thought id proceed with an article about Australian Youtubers i've mainly kept it to comedics and short series like the Big Lez Show but we've got the best line up of our favorite Australian youtuber's so here it is our list.

The Slug Man "Frenchy" Sunga Attack.

The first guy is a young bloke from country New South Wales that take things to the next level and famous for his slug impression it's Frenchy from Sunga Attact a brilliant Australian Comdian. Frenchy is one to step the boundries of the normal and socially correct and attempt to get the most outragous reactions from his clips, most of his skits are orientated around the younger male demographic and tried to relate to his audience with the day to day struggles that we all goe throught from time to time.

Not only does Frenchy do his Youtube video and Tiktoks but his pretty much on every social media platform and does shows of his stand up comedy in theaters around Australia Selling out usally when doing so his pretty much a house hold name in todays day and age in australia and is well known amongst the millennials of the world. So don't miss his next shows he usally tours australia every year or so.

From The Creators Of Big Lez Show, The Mike Noland Show.

This next short series is one of australia's funist shows on youtube, it's created by the makes of the famous Big Lez Show and touches on one of the character out of the Big Lez Show called Mike Noland a local handy man, council man that drinks smoke and pushed the limits to society but provoking cops and hitting them bongs he also test the boundries of what it means to be a man. it's definitely one to see i would recommend. but basically if you like the big lez show then you'll love the Mike Noland show.

The Political Out Spoken Comedian "FriendlyJordies".

From the popular stories of Yalmaz to the social and political landscape of australia friendlyjordies is one of my personal favorites and for the the informed australian it can be one of the best laughs out considering he related his youtube clips to the local and national disruptions of the current politcal state his had beef with Clive Palmer and some of the other big names in australian media and politics. FriendlyJordies also does standup around the country and has afew shows on at the moment on the east coast of australia, I'd encourage you to check it out, his also on facebook, instagram and twiiter and does his own podcast recently with Neil Kolhatkar.

Funny Australian Comdeian Neel Kolhatkar.

Another comedian which pushes the boundries with the social norm, Neel love taking the piss out on the socially wrong like equality and the offensive out crys of the current generation, he also does podcasts too whick i mentioned in the last youtuber's listing and is hitting just under 600K subscribers in 2020 his one to do impressions and test the waters when it comes to racism, Neel's got to be one of the funnist youtubers in Australia and pretty much the world.

Afew epiodes to watch are hashtag Ask Neel #AskNeel which is where he goes though peoples comments on his hash tag Ask neel its quite funny but he touches base with real life senarios and problem and brings them to the youngs demographic, another episode is his podcast with Jordan Shanks from friendlyjordies called "Neel and Jordan" which covers policatal and socail issues and other methods to change these current issues, if you go back a couple to three years ago on his channel you'll find "Purification", "Modern Educayshun" and "#Equality" funny skits of the current politically correct state of our thinking in the modern age.

The Most Aussie Bloke "Shooter Williamson".

I'll could say heaps about "Shooter Williamson" with plenty of down to earth videos about the current austalian state of thinking with our younder generations absolutely loveling this guy. Iv'e got to tell you my favorite and thats "Cowdownie Centenary", But definitely take a look at Alex Williamson's work you'll not regret it and there are plenty of laughs to be made from it.

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stay tuned for part two of this article.