Must Known Programming Languages To Develop Online.

published by: Michael Andrews
date of publishment 3:00am 03/05/2020

web developing is one of those industries thats sticking around for good and in todays day and age it easier then ever to learn how to develop on the internet built web based technologies, sites and databases, most people would use one of those site builders or buy a template but today we are going throught the main web softwares you should learn if getting into web development.

everyone in the web development world knows the basics they're HTML and CSS these languages support the main structure of a web technology or site with markup languages like HTML and CSS your cascading style sheet is basically what it is in the name a styling language both these languages are pretty easy CSS can get abit hard with cavas and anitmate but know the less these two languages need to be known, expecially HTML.

The next language is alot more difficult when it comes to learn but once learnt is a really easy software to use and that is PHP which is a processing lanage that can work with MySQL to offer a client server side applications, this language is a must know i think as sites like facebook use this langage still.

PHP is also good of applicational based development and interfaces offering a service of data handling which HTML doesn't really done nor does CSS althought CSS does have data handling of a sorts.

This next language is well known and has been around the world of programming for year and that is Javascript its a behavioral based langage mean that all those niche little animates that goes on with in a site is due to this language it works with css and php and can be used for styling or server side request now a days.

It would go with out mensioning Javascripts morphed offspring that is node.js , reactJS and angularJS i personally haven't done much with these all that i know is there is a big fude about which one is worth using but i know its know like a library but more like a framework of some sorts that offers its own condenced form, "a must know i today age i think".

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