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date of publishment 2:20am 10/05/2020

Technology has been seen revolutionizing and flourishing over the years. A lot of changes have been seen in technology nowadays which has resulted in a fast-paced era. With new inventions and innovative ideas, we have been seeing development in so many sectors due to technology. The entertainment landscape and sector seems to be growing as a result of so many technological developments.

In just two decades, there has been a drastic change in the world of entertainment. There are now a lot of entertainment opportunities for the viewers due to better technology. It can be said that the enhancement in technology has led to better opportunities for entertainment.


There a lot of entertainment opportunities for the viewers due to the introduction of Satellite TV and Cable boxes. Now there are a lot of channels available for people to watch. Also, the shows can be easily downloaded on the hard drives. Netflix TV series has been the talk of the town these days and it grabs the attention of many viewers all around the globe.


For many people, music is the only form of entertainment they prefer to have. For some, it is their passion and an essential part of life. The technology has provided the opportunity to music lovers to get access to music platforms easily. Years back, people had to listen to their favourite music through CDs and cassettes.

This technology has now revolutionized, where music is now available online. You can opt for music streaming by connecting through different applications in your cell phones. There is also an availability of aux cables now which are portable and you can connect them to your phones to listen to music. Also, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, have made it accessible for people to attend concerts virtually through the privilege of live videos.


We have been seeing a lot of gamers emerging these days. This is seen as a result of advancement in technology that this sector of entertainment has now been gaining much recognition and attention by the people. The games were previously limited to PlayStations or PCs only, and the children were captivated and influenced by the video games. The gamers are now entertained with online games as well as eGaming, which has now been popularized in recent years.


Movies are one of the most interesting forms of entertainment for the viewers. People might have different preferences for movies, according to different genres, but development in technology has made many people fond of watching movies of all kinds. We can see special effects and transitions added to the movies making them more interesting and captivating. Also, computer-generated imagery has been used widely these days. This is a result of technology, which has increased the entertainment opportunities for viewers.

The advancement in technology has led the entertainment opportunities for the viewers to escalate rapidly. In all the entertainment sectors, such as TV, music, movies and gaming, there are a lot of choices people can make due to the provision of better technology. Thus, we can see a positive correlation between technology and entertainment.