What Is SEO? Free SEO Software To Increase Traffic To My Website.

published by: Michael Swift
date of publishment 6:10am 09/05/2020

In the the world of the internet marketing seems to be a big dynamic in todays day and age, With the big questions like What Is SEO?, what are some Free SEO Software To Increase Traffic To My Website and as companies spend billions a year on advertising it seems quite daunting to publish when there is such compitition on the market, but what can you do to aquire more traffic.

So What Is SEO? (Search engine optimization).

People can advertise if they what its a easy way to gain traffic to my website but its quite costly if you don't know PPC pay per click and how to setup your keywords and phases so that you can get affordable clicks in PPC, the next big thing you can do if you don't have a massive budget and can be bothered with large campaigns is SEO or search engine optimization.

What is SEO? or search engine optimization, it's rather simple but difficult as it take a rather large amoung of your time and people can spend hours per day doing their SEO, but in the short SEO is a method of ranking and popularity in a given search engine such ans Yahoo or Google.

The search algorithm in a specific search engine, such as google and picks up on keywords to begin with. When it comes to interacting with the search engine, they'll document things like url length and phasing, site title length and phasing, content specific keywords and content quality based on word count and paragraph structure, they'll cross that with other site that link to the same topics in your content and then check that over the popularity of the site or article.

Where To Share Article? What is ViralContentBee

It's hard starting out online, trying to build your audience and work out what and how to perform seo, right? Well through Neil Patel from ubersuggers and his youtube videos has shown me a brilliant site that helps out the young startup and websites by offering a link sharing system that encourages users to share other's posts and links to twitter, pintreset, tumbler and others to build seo and backlinks for ones website or application.

pretty much viral content bee takes a link url, your posts title and a short bio and turns that into a card that others can share on their platform, what happens is that those cards have credits liked to them and people earn credits from your card by sharing your post, which then those credits can be spent on creating your new project which is posting your own posts so they can be shared. people have gone viral because of this platform and you can expect a handful of shares or someone starting out.

How To Us ViralContentBee.

Simple begin by signing up this takes afew minutes, once you have finished signing up you'll be given about 10 credits to start with which equates to 1 project and a project being an article card. Then click on MyProjects and create a new project, follow along and fill out the for it will ask for a link, a title and a content bio. once you've done that simple select the social platforms you'd like your article card shared to and click finish, just wait for approval and watch those share happen.

Don't forget that this site is great for reforcing those keywords from your articles and site so be sure that you mention those keywords and phases because this does go towards your raking in search engines. so thats just a helpful little tip but with viralcontentbee you'll have hours of fun share other peoples article and building your own cards for your article.

What Else Can I Do To Improve My SEO?

Keywords and phases are big, google kinda changed with backlinks and althought they still use the backlinks in ranking your site it's been said that your main ranking efforts are from keywords and phases in quality bulk articles. Now it also seems pointless but updating old short article with bulky content can boost your effect in google or another search engine.

So make sure that you write article that are 1000 to 2000 words although you will still rank if you have short articles google and search engines looks for large articles with quality content that's seaks to the reads when it comes to the niche that you have written about or your site is about because these search engines really don't want poor content to ranks, You'll need to ask yourself, "do i need to write bulky content"?

Cheap PPC Ad Campaigns.

When you really can't be bothered with seo and you just want an easy alternative then PPC or pay per-click is an easy way to build traffic to your site and you can get it rather cheap, first is that if you use alternative site then google you'll gain a cheaper rate so thats the first thing and second is that if you advertise in countries that have cheap and affordable click rates and third is long clear phases that have low seo compitition in search engine ranking.

Oh and just and added tip if you ask questions in your content you're much more likely to get more user engagement with your content which leads to more shares, comment and likes. so pretty much covered the main things in SEO and PPC so as long as you don't use bots or build artifical link building systems then you'll be quite fine in the world wide web and Internet Of Things.

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stay tuned for part two of this articles and if you'd like to use ViralContentBee the Click The Image Below.